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01 October 2008

On Orbit IV

NASA admin Michael Griffin states that given a choice, NASA would always buy launch services to the ISS from a private company.  Here's your chance SpaceX.  Griffin also affirms that "human populations must diversify if it wishes to survive."  

The Space Foundation has published "ITAR and the U.S. Space Industry." The report proposes steps to modernize ITAR, enabling the regulations to accomplish their original purpose of protecting important security technologies while allowing more U.S. space companies to compete successfully in the global economy.  Interesting because John Goff over at Selenian Boondocks posted about the problems domestic space companies have with ITAR.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran has stated that Iran will be launching a domestic rocket capable of putting 700 kg into orbit.  The satellite Omid (Hope) will be used for natural disaster management and telecommunications.

NASA to announce new student contest to design tools an instruments to be used on the moon.