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10 November 2008

The Space Show

Bulletin: Please visit for complete information for this week's Space Show programs, contact information, listener participation instructions, future Space Show programs, special events, announcements, and more. The e- mail version of the newsletter has been abbreviated to save subscribers time and avoid some spam filter problems.

The Monday Space Show is live 2-3:30:30 PM Pacific. The Tuesday program is 7-8:30 PM Pacific, the Friday program is always 9:30-11:30 AM Pacific Time and the Sunday Space Show is live 12-1:30 PM Pacific Time. Check each week for added programming to this regular schedule. If you believe you are getting this newsletter in error, send a note to to be immediately removed from the mailing list. The Space Show does not support spam mailings of any type and will quickly address your complaint.

Programming For The Week Of November 10, 2008 :
1. Monday, November 10, 2008, 2-3:30 PM Pacific: We welcome Dr. Jim Cartreine and Dr. Jay Buckey to discuss the National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) interactive, multi-media program that will assist astronauts in recognizing and effectively managing depression and other psychosocial problems, which can pose a substantial threat to crew safety and mission operations during long-duration spaceflights.

2. SPECIAL TIME: Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2008, 5- 6:30 PM Pacific: Marianne Dyson is with us about space education, the shuttle OFT program: call it "Fire in Mission Control and Other Untold Stories of the Shuttle Flight Test Program," and more.

3. Friday, Nov. 14 2008, As I am at the Cape to see STS 126, this program is a replay from early 2005 featuring two back to back interviews with Al Zaehringer. As soon as you see it available as an archived program on the website, its available as it will play as does any archived program. There is no actual start time for a replay.

4. SPECIAL TIME: Sunday, November 16, 2008, 9- 10:30 AM Pacific. As I am still at the Cape, this show is airing earlier than our regular Sunday program. It features David Hook from Planehook Aviation Services. We will discuss proposed new safety and security rules for general aviation flying services and more.

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