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26 August 2008

The End of an Era

Lifted from Space Pragmatism

Though I knew of the impending retirement of the Shuttle fleet, it seems that the retirement schedulehad been released at it escaped my notice.  Without further ado: Endeavor's least flight is scheduled for 31 May 2010.

10/08/08: STS-125/Atlantis
Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission No. 4; 5 spacewalks 

11/10/08: STS-126/Endeavour/ISS-ULF2
Starboard solar array rotary mechanism servicing; logistics/resupply; 4 spacewalks 

02/12/09: STS-119/Discovery/ISS-15A
S6 solar arrays; 4 spacewalks 

05/15/09: STS-127/Endeavour/ISS-2JA
Kibo Exposed Facility; solar array batteries; 5 spacewalks 

07/30/09: STS-128/Atlantis/ISS-17A
Multi-purpose logistics module; lab racks; 3 spacewalks 

10/15/09: STS-129/Discovery/ISS-ULF3
Spare gyros, other spares; at least 3 spacewalks 

12/10/09: STS-130/Endeavour/ISS-20A
Node 3 connecting module, cupola; at least 3 spacewalks 

02/11/10: STS-131/Atlantis/ISS-19A
Multi-purpose logistics module; science racks; at least 3 spacewalks; Atlantis' last flight 

04/08/10: STS-132/Discovery/ISS-ULF4
Russian research module; spares; at least 3 spacewalks; Discovery's last flight 

05/31/10: STS-133/Endeavour/ISS-ULF5
Spares; at least three spacewalks; Endeavour's last flight