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14 August 2008

Why Go to Space Pt II

Continued from Part I

I have often had to justify why going into space is a good idea and use of resources when we have so many other problems.  Here are some reasons.

But first, a matter of scale.  The estimated federal budget for FY 2007 was 2.7  trillion dollars.  Trillion, as in 1000 billion.  The estimated NASA budget adjusted for inflation $17.2 billion.  For that year, NASA consumed 0.6% of the Federal budget.  Not even a whole percentage point for the national agency directed to lead us into the next stage of human technological development.

In exchange for 0.6% of the federal budget, you get a space program, national pride, economic stimulation, and a slew of inventions that you get to use and no royalties are charged!

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