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11 September 2008

The End of OPEC!

In probably the best news of the month (year?), Saudi Arabia, home of the majority of the funding for terrorist schools across the world, is pushing back from the table.  The House of Saud will not honor OPEC's decision to cut production in response to dropping crude prices.  The Saudis are the world's largest exporter of oil.  In even better news, Brazil has announced the discovery of another substantial off-shore oil deposit to go with the1st oil deposit announced earlier this year.  Oil will be coming back down for at least little while before the winter.


this too will pass said...

I don't believe it's the end of Opec at all; they'll get stronger until our gas guzzling ways use up what is left over the next generation and then they won't be able to hold anyone over a barrel again... then it's time to invest in horses and carts again