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24 September 2008

Why Go to Space Pt V

Continued From Part IV

I have often had to justify why going into space is a good idea and use of resources when we have so many other problems. Here are some reasons.

But first, a matter of scale. The estimated federal budget for FY 2007 was 2.7 trillion dollars. Trillion, as in 1000 billion. The estimated NASA budget adjusted for inflation $17.2 billion. For that year, NASA consumed 0.6% of the Federal budget. Not even a whole percentage point for the national agency directed to lead us into the next stage of human technological development.

In exchange for 0.6% of the federal budget, you get a space program, national pride, economic stimulation, and a slew of inventions that you get to use and no royalties are charged!

Coming up next, NASA at the mall (sort of).


Kevin James Daniels said...

I've made the argument that we can't afford NOT to go into space.

Then there is the idea that we can have our cake and eat it too. Developing the technology to visit other star systems may actually solve problems. (, MarsDrive are a couple of organizations that go for this idea.)

Enjoying your blog thus far, and I gave you a link. Only ... don't apologize for your blog. "Space blogs better than mine..."

Your blog is the special child of your brain, and you must love that child, warts and all. Only then can we all bask in the specialness... (okay, I'm making up words now. Time to go.)

Love the blog thus far. Keep it up!

Alexander DeClama said...

That was a great post and manifest destiny is an argument that I have with my parents all the time. I will definately be doing a post of my own on that.

I'm glad you enjoy my blog and I hope you keep reading.