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22 September 2008

On Orbit I

On Orbit, our news dump.

Shenzhou 7 set to fly China third manned spaceflight.  Unlike Shanzhou 6, -7 will carry three taikonauts (definitely the best sounding astronaut title) into orbit, with the first taking place in 2003.  Sent aloft on the Long March II-F, it will be the 109th launch of a Long March rocket.  Additionally, Chinese authorities report that the Long March series has a 100% success rate.  Once in orbit, one of the taikonauts will perform a spacewalk.

From Space Daily

Update: Russia Looks to Take Lead in Commercial Launch Services

Now with pictures.  Can anyone tell me how they plan to recover the RD-191?

Update: India's Moon Mission May Lift Off October 19

If India misses it October launch window for Chandrayaan-I, cyclone season would prevent a launch until December.


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